Xamelo is a base unit for equipment integration solutions. It is an industrial computer designed to control connected devices and report their status via WAN/LAN with GSM backup. Thanks to extension modules it can be adapted to special customer requirements. This device acts as an intelligent router with numerous hardware inputs and outputs whose functions depend on the software installed.


The modern approach used in the design of Xamelo consists of separating the hardware from the software, thereby allowing the device to be customised for various tasks quickly and simply. By replacing the software the same device can be used to control industrial processes, manage security systems, or retransmit complex data.


The ARM Processor Series 9 z zegarem 200 Mhz, with 64 MB SDRAM, 512 MB ​​Nand Flash and SDRAM memory slot ensure high performance and provide the necessary capacity to handle even complex applications. In addition, a wide range of external ports: WAN (Ethernet) and GSM Quectel M10, and internal ports: 4 * LAN switch, 3 RS232 serial ports, an RS485 port and a USB port make the device an ideal communications platform.


The device has an open architecture that allows addition of further communication ports via a special GPIO extension slot. One example is an SIO module (Security Interface One), which adapts the platform to work as an intruder alarm system, access control system, or for remote opening of buildings. The SIO module is equipped with a power supply, 12 3EOL inputs (including two that can work in analog mode), 4 relay outputs and sockets for connecting two card readers with Wiegand keypads. Other extension modules can also be prepared on request.


In addition to meeting the required CE safety and emissions standards following tests at the Institute of Communications, Xamelo also may possesses certification depending on the software attesting to compliance with EN 50131 standards for alarm systems, EN 50133 standards for access control systems and EN 50136 standards for communicators. All of the above at grade 3.


We have equipped the device with the Windows CE 6.0 or Linux operating systems to simplify and speed up the creation of dedicated software for various applications. The use of operating systems frees the programmer from the preparation of low-level functions related to hardware support. This approach reduces the time from design to completion of the finished product.

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