Since 2002 we have been designing and manufacturing IT solutions including both software and specialized electronic equipment built to customer needs. We provide comprehensive solutions for the integration of different data sources followed by the transfer, storage, processing and visualization of information.

Scope of activities

We provide comprehensive event management systems, from the simplest through to fully professional solutions. From entirely web-based systems for the surveillance of personnel, through to complex, dedicated systems for monitoring threats that include all possible elements of automation. Our goal is to deliver solutions customised to individual customer needs.

Areas of application

The equipment and software designed and manufactured by us is intended for use in a variety of branches of industry.Thanks to our universal approach we operate not only in corporate markets including the security sector and banking, but our solutions are also used in other sectors of the economy.

Personalized solutions

We have a wide range of experience in creating specialist systems consisting of both software and electronic devices that are custom-designed to answer the needs of our clients. In carrying out tasks we use a whole range of tools (C #, Delphi, C + +, Kiel, Java) to create solutions for multiple platforms (x86, ARM), both fixed and mobile (Windows CE, Win32/64, Windows Mobile, Android, MacOS, iOS). Our guarantee of product quality is the execution of the whole process of design, manufacture, implementation and maintenance of software according to ISO 9001:2000 norms.

Who are our clients?

Our products are installed in hundreds of companies around the world. Among our customers are security agencies (Securitas), banks (ING Bank), large corporations (Heineken), oil companies (Orlen), power stations (Power Łaziska), airports (Okęcie Airport), equipment manufacturers (Jablotron) as well as the military, police, fire service and many other companies.

Scope of activity

By delivering products directly or through a network of distributors we have reached a great number of countries in Europe, both Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia, including Oceania. We warmly invite you to contact us directly or via one of our distributors.

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