ActiveView Enterprise

We are proud to inform about the ActiveView Enterprise. This is a completely new product that will be developed together with EBS to ensure integration with their products even better.


Our home town of Bielsko Biala is not only a great place to live, but also a good place to develop your IT career.
You can find it out in September. With the largest IT companies in our region, with the support of the Mayor and media patrons of the national newspapers, we invite you to BBDays4.IT.
A series of lectures, meetings with experts and companies, activities for kids. Follow our FB and see us taking part in the event

KronosNET 4.0

We are pleased to inform you about the long awaited premiere of Kronos NET 4.0. Our latest product has been tested by security agencies as part of extensive testing. We invite you to check the latest version


Our sister company has prepared a new device It is a life band that allows you to send your current position in case of emergency. It can also measure your heart rate and allows you to make a two way voice communication.. We invite you to test.

Visit in Lithuania

In the beginning of this year we have visited Lithuania. Together with our partner, company we started training process for seven security agencies.

Arrow Multi

The prototype tests of the new Arrow Multi communicator intended for telemetry and automation were launched. Communication with the center via WiFi and GSM (2G or LTE). Communication with sensors via Bluetooth, OneWire, analogue input and RS232 or RS485. In addition, four NO / NC inputs counting pulses (up to 50 per second) and four relay outputs. If you are interested, please contact us.

Premiere of Kronos NET 4.0

We are proud to announce that the first implementation of the video module from Kronos NET 4.0 in the production environment took place on December 6th. The installation will support over 40,000 cameras, which makes it one of the largest in the country. We are delighted that Kronos NET was chosen to carry out this huge task.

Kronos NET 4.0 tests

We re starting Kronos NET 4.0 tests. Join them and help to create the most professional and comprehensive monitoring platform. What did we change? Over 200 elements.. We added a new video module and a number of functions related to expanding the range of communication possibilities. To test, contact us.

Kronos Conference 2018

The Kronos Polska Conference was held on November 15-16, at the Arche Hotel in Częstochowa. This year, the Conference attracted almost 150 people from all over Poland. This time we were able to present new products such as: a completely new VMS console designed for KronosNET 4.0, Arrow Multi telemetry transmitter that supports, apart from GSM, also WiFi, equipped with OneWire and Bluetooth connectors. We had the opportunity to participate in interesting lectures and share our plans for the near future. Among the speakers there were representatives of, among others: Bank Śląski ING and the manufacturer of Fibaro home automation systems.

Thank you again for your presence and see you next year

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