Kronos NET 1.0 tests completed

We would like to give thanks, to all
security agencies which have decided to test our new system. KRONOS NET
premiere is scheduled 7 days from now!

Kronos NET 1.0 in security agencies

The first security agencies received copies of Kronos NET system for beta tests. We invite you for cooperation.

NEXT! lecture

We were invited to give a lecture during Monitoring Polski seminar organized by TECHOM. The lecture includes security issues in the context of integrated monitoring systems.

First tests of Kronos NET 1.0

Beta tests of KRONOS NET monitoring network were started.

Article in Systemy Alarmowe

The first reference to the KRONOS system in the press. The journal Systemy Alarmowe placed a short description of our product.

Monitoring network

We started work on monitoring network – a big monitoring system operating in wide area networks. The product will be called Kronos NET.

The first KRONOS LT implementation

KRONOS LT system has been implemented in the security agency Arma Krosno. This is the first commercial launch of the system. Additionally, we have implemented a solution separating signals from one monitoring station to two other stations, including one remotly connected via the Internet.

3DES encryption implementation

We have prepared internal system communication encryption mechanisms. The method used is 3DES encryption. This ensures a high level of safety when working in the public network environment.

The first launch in WAN network

For the first time KRONOS has been launched through a public network. Tests were made between DSL and Neostrada links. The signals transmission times showed no significant delays. The program passed the test in the new environment, making it possible to build distributed systems.

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