Calls service

Kronos provides the functionality of direct call connections from the application level and the identification of incoming calls (for Siemens solutions).

Synoptic table

A synoptic table module was introduced, allowing for a visual representation of guarde accounts and supported directly from this level.

Kronos NET 1.0 management module

We have created a new module to manage system events and users in Kronos NET. Administrators can use the graphical interface to get all the information about the system. The knowledge of control commands is no longer required.

Remote intervention groups

We have created software for Pocket PC allowing two-way communication with terminals for intervention patrols. Transferring alarms and messages directly to vehicles equipped with a PDA has become possible.

Kronos NET for PDA

The first module for PDA mobile devices has been created. It is designed for system administrators and allows you to remotely manage Kronos NET installation.

Data base managing device

Kronos NET package is now equipped with a database managing tool for MS SQL and MSDE. It has become possible to set up backup copies mechanisms in a quick and easy way.

Terminals for firefighters

The new version of terminals dedicated for fire brigades, working in wide network areas compatible with TCP / IP is available. This solution significantly reduces the costs of retransmission of alarms to the fire departments and allows you to resign from leased lines.

Internet access

We have completed work on application for access via Internet for security agencies customers using Kronos NET. Terminal allows you to view data, send messages and advertisements to customers.

Demonstration server

We have launched KronosNET server, giving the opportunity to test the system to all interested via the Internet. In addition, in this way you can check the unique feature of system to work in wide area networks.

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