StepUp data converter

Application allowing legitimate users to transfer data from older to newer versions of Kronos was created. The program is available for download from our FTP site.

New implementation (Lotos)

We are proud to inform of a new implementation based on Kronos NET system. Lotos refinery has purchased our software.

6, GSM services

We have expanded the range of services that security agencies using Kronos can offer. Now, the system not only informs about events in the form of text messages, but also allows you to influence the handling of alarms. It is also possible to obtain information about the protected accounts using a mobile phone.

Kronos NET Jablotron

We have established cooperation with the Czech company Jablotron, a producer of wireless alarm systems. Under the agreement, a special version of Kronos NET, which will be distributed all over the world with Jablotron devices, has been created. Kronos NET becomes a system available on several foreign markets.


On request of Messer company, producing radio transmitters, a special version of the Kronos LT was created, adapted to the specific requirements of Messer’s customers. It will be distributed along with the base stations.

KRONOS LT 2.0 premiere

Please be informed that we have completed work on a new version of Kronos LT. We have made more than 30 changes in the program, making it even simpler to use, at the same time introducing many features available only in large systems so far. Most importantly we would like to emphasize that it is still free up to 100 accounts. To list the most important changes: alarm handling option in the context of the individual signals, comic of activities, synoptic table, sending text messages and e-mails, making and receiving phone calls, task features, archiving databases and device templates import/export, manual generation of signals, and many other features known from large and expensive monitoring systems.

Kronos NET 1.2 premiere

Awaiting the revolutionary version of Kronos NET 2.0 (issue planned for the first quarter), we provide a modernized Kronos 1.x. series. It has several times greater efficiency, while preserving the full range of functionalities.

Kronos NET 1.1 premiere

We have completed work on Kronos NET 1.1. Compared to the original version, more than 100 major changes have been implemented. At the same time, we have started work on a new system version 2.0. As before, it will introduce many new features, not available so far in the systems for monitoring and managing security agencies.

Chinese version

The first version of our software designed for the Chinese market. This is another market after Polish, Slovak, Georgian, Russian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Moldovan and Mongolian on which our software is present.

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