Revolution: remote alarm system

Once again, we give our customers using Kronos NET opportunity to get ahead of the competition. This time, as the first company on the market we introduce a revolutionary system for monitoring people and their position. Using a small device (the size of a mobile phone) with built-in phone, GPS and panic button, we open a new market for the security industry: Personal Security Alarm Systems. In addition to the monitoring of buildings, vehicles, environment, CCTV, this is another area integrated in Kronos NET package, making it the most innovative and versatile monitoring system. All customers interested in the new service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

KronosGuard in Israel

New, the Hebrew version of our software for monitoringguard has been created. This was a big challenge for us because of the differences in the way of using the graphic interface. Nevertheless we are extremely excited about the fact that KronosGuard is the first choice of the world’s systems to handle ActiveGuard devices.


There is a new product in our offer. It was prepared on request of the Irish monitoring company and is used to convert signals between different communication standards. Using it you can connect, for example: GSM transmitters to programs that support only the SurGard station protocols.

New distributor

Our partner company from South Africa – Trinity – launched the first implementation of Kronos, combined with the installation of the PX.

Kronos Guard NET efficiency tests

We have tested KronosGuard NET for the amount of processed and received data. The basic presumption was to conduct a test on one computer, not on a network of supercomputers. The result with inclusion of 500 ActiveGuard devices, each with a set path consisting of 5 points every half hour, gave the result of over 130 processed signals per second (with 5000 devices 80 signals per second). Moreover, intake of unprocessed signals gave the result of 1000 per second. Under the right conditions and using appropriate equipment this result can be improved even more. The program has been made available for testing to equipment manufacturer, company EBS.


Together with Ad Ochrona company, we have prepared for Papier Kwidzyn a passes circulation system. This is another large company using our systems.

KronosGuard NET 1.0 premiere

We are proud to announce that last week G4S Lithuania launched our network application to monitor guards. The G4S company for aroud a year benefited from a single station version . The new product, Kronos Guard NET 1.0 is also tested by the security agency Komes in Bielsko-Biala. At the same time we would like to emphasize that we haven’t finished working on the program and in the near future it will be equipped with a range of additional functionalities.

Record load of KronosGuard NET 1.0

Preparation for next week’s release of Kronos Guard NET 1.0 (network version of the program to support ActiveGuard recorders), together with a producer (EBS company), we did stress tests of the system. For an ordinary computer (IBM ThinkCentre Pentium IV HT) and Freeware MsSQL 2005 Express BASE, we have served 5,000 alarms at once, without any visible slowdown. We want to add that we have not reached the possible limit! What’s also important, Kronos Guard NET 1.0 is equipped with only one of several technologies developed by us to increase productivity, the rest will be released with Kronos NET 2.0.

Great MsSQL score

We would like to inform that the database platform on which Kronos environment is based, was tested by the only independent databases testing organization (TPC) and received a score of more than one million transactions per minute. Currently MsSQL server beside Oracle and DB2 is one of the world’s most efficient databases. At the same time, in ranking comparing performance and price, it takes positions from 2 to 10 ahead even of most Linux platforms. All interested please visit

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