Agreement with Jablotron

The global manufacturer of alarm devices has chosen our software as the only system distributed with their products.


NEXT! company together with its partner EBS proceeded to implement Poland’s largest installation of gaming machines control system of Fortuna Games company. This requires the preparation of a specialized IT system for vending solutions. Thus, the company NEXT! begins operations in a new market.

Distributor in Russia

The training of our Russian representative Asstir regarding products Kronos LT and NET, was completed. We are pleased to welcome another partner into our family.

Kronos NET 2.0 available for testing

Please be informed that the most awaited module of Kronos NET 2.0 for monitoring is now available for testing. All interested please contact us. At the same time we announce that work on the development of Kronos NET 1.3 functionality are finally finished.

Foreign implementation

The list of international clients using both Kronos and KronosGuard is gradually expanding. In the past two weeks installations in Albania, Germany and Thailand have been launched. All translated into local languages.

Test run of Kronos NET 2.0

After many months of work on the newest, completely re-written , version of Kronos NET, on 9 June 2008 at 10:30 the program was run in the first security agency. It’s currently working on trial, parallely with the previous version. Immediately after completion of the tests, we will begin distributing a new product version among a test group of customers.

Trade Fair in Brno

We invite all interested to Trade Pyros / ISET to Brno where on 13 – 16 May, together with EBS, we will jointly present ActiveGuard system and PX devices. This underlines once again a great commercial and technical collaboration between our companies. At the same time KronosGuard becomes the primary software for ActiveGuard devices on another foreign market.

KronosGuard in Taiwan

During the fair in Taipei, Taiwan KronosGuard software was presented with the system ActiveGuard, as the only solution dedicated to active guard control system. This opens up a new market for NEXT! software.

Instalation in Uganda

Another installation in a new country. KronosGuard, a program to support ActiveGuard devices has been selected in another African country. The process of implementing this product in Uganda has begun.

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