NEXT! company joined the Polish Chamber of People and Property Security (Polska Izba Ochrony Osób i Mienia). Information about the organization can be found at www.piooim.pl.

PragoAlarm Trade Fair 2009

Please be informed that at the invitation of the European Security Protection Organisation Club and our distributors, we will be present at the fair Pragoalarm 2009 in the Czech Republic. During the forum held there we will present our latest products. All are welcome.

New continent

We are pleased to announce that the first installation of our software on the Australian continent took place. This is another market which our solutions have reached.

ISO 9001:2000

We are proud to announce that as the first company operating in information technology related to the protection of property on our market, we obtained the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate issued by PRS for the entire process of production and servicing software. We hope that this will positively affect your satisfaction of our services and products quality.

Multimedia in Kronos NET 2.0

In cooperation with Jablotron and GE Security we have implemented multimedia options to Kronos NET 2.0. In addition to the functionality available for several years, consisting of the current preview of image from IP cameras and digital video recorders, we added recording and archiving images and movies. From today, a monitoring module processes not only analog and digital events, but also archives the images sent by the Jablotron alarm centres and movies from GE Security company systems.

Implementation in Volgograd

Our Russian distributor, Asstir company, performed its first independent implementation. The installation took place in Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad. Congratulations.

Kronos NET 2.0 Premiere (Monitoring and Maintenance)

Please be informed that the first implementation of Kronos NET 2.0 (Monitoring and Maintenance Module), took place on 25 September 2008, and was a total success. The system has been operating more than a month in Komes security agency from Bielsko-Biala. All other users who want to start using the new version of the system can download it from our FTP server. Device drivers will be added regularly in applications’ receiving order.

Certificate of compliance

We are pleased to announce that Kronos NET works with the Abacus system which was confirmed by an appropriate certificate. Certificate is available for download from the Resources section of our website.

Polalarm Conference

We would like to thank very much for the comments from all our customers with whom we had the opportunity to meet during the conference POLALARM in Jadwisin. We advise everyone interested in the topic of our lecture on the cooperation between security agencies to read the article placed in the materials on our website.

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