Implementation in Albania

Today we finished implementation and training of Kronos NET 2.0 at Rogat in the Albanian capital Tirana. Our system will be used for both monitoring of vehicles and buildings. Especially for this purpose, along with Ro-gat employees, we have prepared the Albanian version of the system. We are pleased to welcome members from the new country.

Dongles (HASP keys) update

Please be informed that for the sake of our customers, we have launched a server for updating dongles, available 24 hours. It requires a new program for updates, which is available in the Products – section Downloads on our website. Please use it instead of the previous version.

Lucky Premiere

Today, the implementation of the Fortuna Lucky Games company system to control gaming machines took place. It is currently the largest installation of that type in the Polish market and includes over 5,000 devices. This system is a dedicated solution for companies with a network of game salons and provides ongoing monitoring of machines and support of service work.

Google maps

Kronos NET now supports not only the well-known Navigo vector maps, but also enables visualization of building, vehicle and people’s positions on Google maps. We recommend you become acquainted with the Google license before using maps.

New implementation (Solid)

Yesterday at 20.39 the Bielsko-Biała branch of Solid security agency was entirely transferred to Kronos NET 2.0. software. We are pleased that one of the biggest agencies in the Polish market has chosen our product.


We have established cooperation with the Academy of Technology and Humanities in Bielsko-Biala (ATH), in order to allow its students to attend apprenticeships and internships in our company. We are extremely pleased that the company NEXT! was spotted as a buoyant employer in the region and that the students will be able to start their professional career with us.

IFSEC Trade Fair 2009

Our representatives will participate in this year’s IFSEC in Birmingham. All interested in contact please call the office to arrange a meeting.

Access control and work time registration

In a time of increasing competition in the security market, we offer our customers additional services associated with monitoring. Kronos NET program enables today, as the first in its class, remote monitoring associated with access control and registration of working time.

Automatic e-mails

We have presented a new module automatically sending summaries, alarms and changes in signal groups to given e-mail addresses.

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