Kronos NET 2.0 efficiency test

Thanks to the courtesy of HDD Computer company (, we have had the opportunity to conduct efficiency tests of Kronos NET environment on a computer with two Xeon processors and 24GB of RAM. At full analysis of signals, servicing thousands of alarms at one station and entering into the database 50 thousands objects, monitored two ways, we obtained a result much higher than 100 signals per second.

2010 Security Fair

Our representatives visited the 2010 Security Fair in Sofia, capital city of Bulgaria. We established contacts with both potential customers and companies interested in distributing our products.

Distributor in the Czech Republic

We would like to announce that the company BTF Partners has become our distributor in the Czech and Slovak markets. Welcome to our new colleagues in the team.

Mobile modules in Kronos NET 2.0

The entire line of modules for PDA at Kronos NET 2.0. system has been modernized. We have implemented number of improvements and new features. Currently available are: Mobile Patrol – an application along with a map to manage the work of intervention groups Mobile Service – a program for service and maintenance Mobile Monitoring Console – a simplified module for alarm handling We invite you to test the applications.

Distributor in Colombia

Welcome to our new distributor. Solutec Company began selling our products in the South American market. Visit their website:

Service via e-mail

We would like to announce that in addition to our 24-hour telephone service, we have also launched the BlackBerry service, allowing 24-hour assistance via e-mail messages, which are complementary to the primary channel of communication with the service. At the same time, please remember that help is available only to clients subscribed to the service of technical support.

Guards control in Kronos NET 2.0

Kronos NET 2.0 has been equipped with all the necessary mechanisms for continuous monitoring of guards Thus, the latest version replaces KronosGuard versions LT and NET in most applications.

KronosGuard NET 1.4

We have prepared another update to the popular system for handling ActiveGuard devices. Among the new features introduced is the function of informing the administrator about the state of the system work via SMS, and supporting the second generation of ActiveGuard devices.


There is a new module in Kronos NET 2.0. It deals with the automatic management of reserve lanes of communication (Internet, GPRS) in remote locations, ensuring trouble-free operation of device drivers. With advanced mechanisms and extensive transmission logic, we obtain high security of Kronos installations distributed over a large territorial area.

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