Installation of Alice 1.0

On December 19, 2022, a new era began for us and for the monitoring station. On that day, the first installation of the Alice program was launched in the operator center as the main system.

Premiere of Alice 1.0

Today, we are proud to introduce a new product – Alice 1.0. It is a new monitoring system based on built-in AI mechanisms for image analysis, big data, voice communication and integrated VMS. We invite you to test.

Alice’s Tests 1.0

We have started testing our new monitoring software – Alice 1.0 with AI and BigData elements.

The system has been prepared for monitoring stations wishing to automate the work of operators.

The premiere of Arrow Multi 101

In recent days, Arrow Multi 101 had its premiere - our proprietary innovative device designed for automation and telemetry, which will be perfect as a home automation and IoT solution. Communication with the center via LAN, WiFi and GSM (2G or 4G). Communication with sensors via Bluetooth, OneWire, analog input and RS232 or RS485. Additionally, four NO / NC inputs counting pulses (up to 50 per second) and four relay outputs. If you are interested with our newest product, please contact us.

Webinar Kronos NET 4.2

On May 25, a webinar presenting the changes in KronosNET 4.2 will be conducted especially for you.The webinar will be held in Polish.
We invite you to sign up!
-> May 25, 14:00 Polish time

Kronos NET 4.2. premiere

We provide you with a new version of the Kronos NET application. This version is equipped with, among others, a complete range of new mobile applications and a number of improvements. We encourage you to download.

A unique offer of AlertControl services for Kronos Polska customers

We are pleased to announce that Daniel Kamiński (ALERTCONTROL), a recognized expert in the monitoring industry, has established cooperation with our company in the field of reorganization, modernization and commissioning of new video monitoring centers based on our solutions. A special offer is available only to Kronos Polska customers.
The range of services offered covers the full spectrum from consulting, through creating documentation, to software configuration and hardware selection. For more details, please contact Kronos Polska:, 33 811 25 11.

Change of the NEXT’s headquarters

We kindly inform, that on September 1, 2020, our company officially changed its headquarters and address.The new headquarter is located at al. Armii Krajowej 220 in Bielsko Biala.


Our PSIM platform - Kairos for managing building security systems is now integrated with access controllers and depository key made by SZB (Systemy Zabezpieczeń Bankowych - eng: Bank Security Systems). Thanks to excellent cooperation with the SZB, we can manage devices of this brand in a fully automated way.

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