The Platform for managing the monitoring station.

The system integrates several hundred devices from different manufacturers to ensuring their operation in a common environment. In addition to receiving, analyzing, visualizing and archiving incoming events from intrusion and fire prevention systems, access control, GPS location, CCTV and industrial automation (analog measurements), the system also supports administrative activities related to the service and inventory of devices, billing, setting work schedules for security agencies and customer care and contract management. This product is used around the world in several hundred security agencies for monitoring from between several and thousands of accounts simultaneously.


The areas of activity supported by the software are monitoring of accounts, managing of service departments, stocktaking of equipment, preparation of work schedules for security agencies and billing of contracted services. The system communicates with the user via all modern communication channels including: PC and SmartPhone applications, websites, text messages or e-mails, and also supports digital phone network


The application integrates the following signals into a single monitoring environment: robbery and burglary, fire alarms, CCTV, location of individuals and vehicles, as well as analogue measurements for environmental monitoring, vending machines and the work of field personnel. The system receives and processes events in more than 100 different protocols received via switched and radio links, GSM, and WAN/LAN.


The action mechanism provides a unique solution for combining different forms of monitoring into one coherent whole. Has the system been disarmed without a guard present? Has a car not shown up at a building within a specified time after an alarm ? Has a user not confirmed alarm cancellation via text message? Should a service document be automatically issued or an email sent in response to a specific event? Now you can decide how the system will react to a sequence of events that you yourself define. Our simple script language covers a whole range of functionality, from creating the conditions of a reaction based on any pre-defined signals and events, to the order of their occurrence, interaction with the user, and types of response. Once a series of conditions have been met, this can result in the triggering of an alarm, the sending of a text message or email, the creation of a service document, the controlling of an account device, or another automatic reaction selected from the wide range available in the program.


Kronos takes you to a higher level of networking. Separate Kronos installations can be combined together so subcontractors can provide services to group of customers. For the duration of an alarm, the subcontractor receives information about the events that they need handle. It is no longer necessary to enter data for the sub-contractor as all the information is transmitted from the main system installation. This solution also protects data, as it is stored only by the client. Meanwhile, subcontractors' actions are passed in the opposite direction to the client in the form of reports. In addition, end users have access to selected data via the web with the option of editing, which makes mutual contact and data management significantly easier. What is more, our mobile phone applications significantly increase the convenience of communication with the system for service teams, intervention groups and end users.


The three-layer architecture, which is standard for our solutions, encrypted communication, secure buffers stored in permanent memory, and transmission of differentiation between modules, are only some of the mechanisms that render the Kronos system safe and efficient even for a large number of accounts under surveillance. The communication mechanism that is used allows for significant system dispersal even via poor communication channels, which ensures a high level of comfort. The architecture model employed also allows the system to be easily expanded to include additional functionality without affecting existing mechanisms, while making it possible for information to be exchanged with external applications.

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