Kairos is a combined hardware and software platform for security system automation and integration. The solution integrates multiple types of devices for monitoring networks of accounts into a single platform for the receiving, analysis, and visualization of data, as well as remote device management and configuration. The uniform interface for all devices, along with its automated mechanisms, significantly improves work efficiency and reduces costs, while at the same time increasing the level of security. Additionally, the system assists in service management and budget control, and automates contact with subcontractors.


The areas of activity supported by this software include account monitoring, remote device configuration, service management and budget control.


One of the principal tasks that Kairos fulfills is to ensure cooperation between different security systems within a building, thus allowing them to be combined into one single structure. For example if we want to enter a guarded zone, we only have to identify ourselves to the access control system and this information is automatically transferred to the intruder alarm. In addition, cooperation with other systems, principally HR software for the import of employees, is automated and therefore eliminates the need for double data entry.

Remote management

The introduction of a mechanism for remote management of account devices and users also ensures reduced costs while at the same time increasing the level of security in the guarded properties. Once the system is launched, it is possible to perform basic servicing and administrative tasks without the need to be physically present at the device installation location. Fast propagation of data further increases the comfort of working with the system.

Flexibility and automation

The many automated mechanisms built into the software increase efficiency and help to avoid errors caused by manual task handling. On the one hand we have the functionality of importing data from HR systems, while on the other hand we have automatic retransmission of events to subcontractors, both those dealing with physical security and those managing the technical servicing of security systems. In addition, a flexible mechanism for setting automatic responses to a sequence of events, as well as modelling and process control allows users to adapt the system to their individual needs.


Examples of mechanisms that have been put in place to protect the system against both technical failure and attempts at access by unauthorized persons include: an extensive system of role-based authorisation; three-layer architecture with encrypted communication between modules; and communication buffers preventing data loss caused by sudden shutdown of individual modules.

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