BarCode is a support system for large warehouse inventories. The software provides comprehensive support for high numbers of staff carrying out inventories in large warehouses. The platform covers the entire inventory process, from scanning products to the supervision of all the stages of an inventory, as well as reporting and comparing actual levels of stock with data from external IT systems.


Does your inventory include a great deal of entry fields, racks, shelves, pallets and thousands of products? BarCode was created with exactly this in mind. The system ensures fast and efficient preparation, conducting and reporting of inventories, even in large warehouses with many employees working simultaneously. The program allows for the simultaneous use of multiple mobile barcode scanners, as well as multiple computer data processing workstations.


Bearing in mind the diversity of storage systems, we have included a flexible import and export wizard so that while preparing an inventory and exporting the results the data input and output format can be individually configured. The application is also equipped with many configurable reports that allow results to be obtained in a user-selected format.


An important element in the design of the system was minimizing the risk of losing data during an inventory and therefore avoiding the need to restart the entire process. Using the latest technology, we have prepared a mechanism to automatically perform emergency backup in the cloud. Now, a fault in a computer used for collecting data from handheld scanners is no longer a problem, as we can instantly use another workstation to restore the data from a repository located on an external network.

Ergonomic design

Given the large number of products to be inventorised and the often limited time available to complete the entire process, we have prepared a system user interface that is fast, easy-to-use and which eliminates the potential possibility of errors. Designing the user interface was preceded by long hours of observation and consultation with those involved in large warehouse inventories.


On the assumption that the system is used by a large number of users who do not have time for long training sessions, we have made the program easy to use and quick to learn. In addition, by removing the administrative burden of managing the data server by moving it into the cloud, we get a simple system that is easy to implement and easy to use.

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