The Arrow family of communicators is designed to transmit signals from alarm systems to monitoring stations. The devices are available in two versions: Solo - working only on GSM channels (GPRS/SMS) and Duo - using both GSM (GPRS/SMS) and LAN channels.


The built-in DTMF socket as well compliance with Ademco 4/2, Contact ID and SIA protocols enable integrate with a wide range of control panels. What is more - with 8 NO/NC lines the user can also connect older alarm systems to the communicator. Arrow is additionally equipped with 2 OC and 2 tamper outputs. The device is available in two versions: Solo - GSM (GPRS/SMS) and Duo - LAN with reserve GSM (GPRS/SMS), both of which can be equipped with audio transmission. Compatibility with a variety of monitoring software in addition to the manual signal code setting option, enable the communicator to work with virtually any monitoring station.

Cost reduction

Arrow has been designed not only with low purchase and installation cost in mind, but also subsequent control of operating costs. The amount of transmitted and received information is continuously recorded and reported, enabling rapid response if set limits are exceeded. Furthermore, the Duo version uses LAN as its main communication channel, which significantly reduces GSM transmission costs. Another feature worth mentioning is the possibility of remote reconfiguration and software replacement, resulting in lower servicing costs.


The Arrow communicator is quick and easy to install and configure. Settings can be adjusted by PC using a normal USB cable. Thanks to this, the user is not required to purchase specialized cables. With a range of LEDs to indicate the unit status, and a function button to test communication, we have reduced the need to contact the monitoring center during device startup, or for possible diagnosis of problems. In addition, users of Kronos NET can configure the communicator directly from their interface.


Arrow is equipped with its own power supply with an optional battery connection. This reduces installation costs and removes the need to purchase additional components required to run the device. The power supply meets all alarm system requirements.


In addition to the credentials required to meet safety and CE emissions standards, for which we provide producer certification, Arrow can also come with attestation confirming compliance with the alarm system standard EN 50136 at grade 3.

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