4Time Web is a cloud-based software for monitoring security personnel. The system provides an environment for both distributors and end users to automatically monitor the quality and punctuality of activities carried out by security personnel. In addition to monitoring personnel, the system also significantly raises the level of security of people working alone by providing them with support in the form of continuous information on their current location, while also enabling rapid contact to be made with selected individuals. The software is designed to wotk with a wide range of devices.

Remote access

The remote access to data, present in all our software solutions, is here moved into the cloud and divided into fields corresponding to the role the user plays in the business model. Access for end users, security agencies, distributors and system administrators is provided either via a browser or via remotely operated applications. An important feature of 4time is the access grading mechanism which avoids the distributor having to perform multiple installations, and which allows contracted work and billing to take place within a single, coherent infrastructure.

Multilevel services

A system user can choose one of three areas of service provision – either by manually reviewing reports on the work of their employees, opting for automatic notification via text message or email in critical situations, or by placing selected devices under the care of a chosen security agency.

Flexible control

The system provides the opportunity to create highly flexible control patterns. These provide a set of tools necessary for the supervision of each scheme of work and can include points assigned to devices, devices assigned to points, devices accepted at a given point, fixed routes, open routes with time limits, mixed routes, and finally groups of routes.

Comprehensive solutions

The platform provides a complete solution for distribution companies which sell or rent security personnel monitoring equipment. After choosing our system you will receive a comprehensive software package that allows you to provide services both to security agencies and to end users.

Universal application

The application also creates a new standard in integration issues. In keeping with our philosophy, we have created software that is independent of any single device. Any device or equipment can be integrated into the system, and a variety of devices can operate within a single installation. If required, we can also carry out integration of offline devices. The freedom to choose devices for this type of software takes quality to a higher level.

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