4Time is a device for security personnel monitoring equipped with an RFID reader, a GPS module, a GPRS modem for two-way communication (including voice), a safe and resistant display and a mini flashlight.

RFID Reader

The use of popular, cheap RFID 125 kHz technology allows you to confirm the presence of a person at a given place and time. All thanks to reading a unique TAG, located at a control point. The device reader supports a wide range of control points available on the market.


Unlike competing products, the device is equipped with a GPS module which, in addition to registration of an RFID point reading, also provides the actual whereabouts of a member of personnel. Cheating the system therefore becomes extremely difficult, and the level of user safety increases significantly through knowledge of their position.


The alphanumeric display, resistant to environmental conditions and enclosed within a transparent casing, enables two-way communication with the employee. It is also possible to send information about the route number for an employee's round, the number of the account to be checked, or special operations to be performed. Similarly, the employee may report events or problems using a special code.


Basic device functions include voice connections and continuous data transmission via the built-in GPRS modem. Permanent connection to the operations room includes an innovative mechanism for ongoing cost control, and allows for supervision of personnel equipped with the device. An additional feature of making and receiving calls only from selected telephone numbers helps to ensure that the device is used only for business purposes.

Robust design

4Time is designed for use in adverse environmental conditions, wherever it is needed by members of personnel. It also has the required producer certification for meeting CE safety and emissions standards.

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